Thank you for volunteering to help us build our dataset!

For each task, you will be shown a piece of text comprising a subtitle line taken from various movies.
You will also be shown at most five images.

You task is to select all images suitable for illustrating the given text (or any part of the text).
The text (or part of the text) should describe the image or some elements of the image, and should not contradict the remaining elements in the image.


Please click here for more detailed instructions and examples.


Please contact Josiah Wang (j.k.wang@sheffield.ac.uk) if you have any problems or queries.



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If you haven't yet done so, please read (or re-read) the guidelines before you start to make sure that you understand the task clearly!

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Pick all images (if any) suitable for illustrating at least one fragment of the following piece of text:
(Detailed guidelines)

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